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Pushchino State Institute of Natural Science

The Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education Pushchino State Institute of Natural Science was established on the basis of academic institutes of the natural science profile of the Russian Academy of Sciences, subordinate to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, prepares research specialists for the Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and carries out advanced training of specialists for existing and under construction high-tech biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries for special educational programs of undergraduate, graduate, containing the latest knowledge and practice in the field of modern biotechnology, digital biology, biosafety, biophysics, bio-ecology, astrophysics and instrumentation with the leading scientists of the country and the use of a unique research laboratory facilities of the Research Institute of the RAS.



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Our address

142290, Moscow region,

Pushchino, Prospekt nauki, 3

+7 496 773 18 57


Information about educational organization


e-mail: priem.kom@pushgu.ru

+7 496 773 25 38
+7 901 349 06 61