International Summer School of Digital Biology PushGENI "Living Biophysics"


 Program description:

* The unique short-term program is designed for schoolchildren, undergraduate and graduate students in specialized areas of training (biology, biotechnology and ecology).

* The main goal of the course is to introduce students to the world of digital technologies in biology, to show the possibilities of non-invasive work with living objects as promising approaches for solving problems of environmental monitoring, including assessing the state of fresh water in natural waters.

* The objective of the course: to master the basic principles of experimental work with digital technologies for assessing the health of the environment (environmental health).  And also to get acquainted with the culture and history of Russia and get basic knowledge in the field of learning Russian.

Where the school will be held: PushchGENI in the science city Pushchino, Moscow, Serpukhov, Tula

Dates of the school: from July 15, 2019 to July 28, 2019

Cost: 900 dollars. Included in cost: accommodation; meals (half board / full board); training; transfer; excursion program;


Educational program:


* Digital biology - the transition of biology from words to numbers; 

* Digital zoology - planaria as a model of 2D biology;

* Digital ecology: biomonitoring of fresh water;

* Image analysis is a key aspect of digital botany and zoology;

* Ethics of biological experiment: problems and solutions;

* Biophotonics: “Useful Sun” - a new look at ultraviolet;

* Paleobiology - is it possible to survive in permafrost?

* Color in biology - cancel the ban of Linnaeus.


Cultural and educational program:

 Recreational activities:

 Themed games and workshops:

* Field work: city ecology - leaves of trees as biosensors;

* Digital botany - we scan and analyze the leaves of plants;

* Field work: digital hydrobiology;

* Biosensors - mollusks, crayfish, planaria - monitoring of fresh water;

* Biosensors - mollusks - filter feeders in the Nara River;

* Digital Biology - from 2D to 3D - we scan live three-dimensional objects;

* Practical work: image analysis in digital botany and zoology.

 Cultural and entertainment program:

Exhibitions and excursions:

* city of Moscow:

 Red Square, Sparrow Hills, Tsaritsyno Park, VDNH-exhibition of achievements of the national  economy;  State Darwin Museum.

city of  Tula:

 Tula Zootarium;

 Tula Samovars museum; Tula  gingerbread museum.

* city of Serpukhov:

  architecture and monasteries.


International Summer School "Biomedicine and biopharmaceuticals"


summer sholl                            Безымянный1.png                                  

Program description:
A unique short-term program  focused on the development of professional knowledge and skills in working with laboratory animals; the formation of interest in preclinical testing and humane treatment of laboratory animals; improving research skills; the involvement of each participant in the summer school in the process of working with laboratory animals; training for preclinical studies; introducing and mastering GLP skills; creating a common space of mutual understanding and mutual respect between the participants; obtaining research and project skills. Designed for undergraduate students of 3-4 courses and graduate specialized fields of training (biology, biomedicine and biopharmaceuticals).
And also to get acquainted with the culture and history of  Russia and get a basic knowledge in the field of  Russian  language  learning .
Location of event: Pushgeni in Pushchino science city, Moscow, Serpukhov, Tula
Research base: Biological testing laboratory (having AAALAC and GLP)  - the most titled  in Russia in the field of non-clinical studies
Dates:  From June 15 to August 28, 2019 (every two weeks)
Сost: 900 dollars. The price includes: Accommodation; food (half board / full board); training; transfer; excursion program.

Education program:
Lectures and seminars:

Master classes and workshops:

Exhibitions and excursions:

The Red Square, Sparrow Hills, Tsaritsyno Park, VDNKH-exhibition of achievements of the national  economy,  State Darwin Museum.

Тula Exotarium;
Tula Museum of  samovar, Museum of Tula pryanik

architecture and monasteries

International Summer School in Asrtrophysics "Step into Space"




astro1Description of the Summer School Program:

The unique program is designed for schoolchildren, undergraduate and graduate students. The program is an interactive scientific lecture hall, the basis of which is lectures on various areas of space science, conducting round tables and practical exercises with problem solving and using optical tools to obtain scientific data, which will allow not only to consolidate acquired knowledge, but also to trace their actual application. The participants of the summer school will be able to visit the “Pushchinskie Perseidy” scientific and educational festival and plunge into the magical atmosphere and see the beautiful phenomenon of nature. From the Earth, it seems as if bright streams left by particles burning in the atmosphere are flying out from the constellation Perseus. Hence the name is Perseid. Particles of dust, ice and pebbles from the tail of Comet Swift-Tuttle.


 The comet flew, the train remained. It is as if the river every year and our planet enters, revolving around the sun. The smallest particles, the size of a grain of sand, burn in the earth’s atmosphere, forming a “star rain”. Also, participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and history of Russia and to get basic knowledge in the field of learning Russian.



astro3Venue: Moscow Region, Pushchino Science City

Research Base: Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory

Dates of the school: July, 15–28; August, 1–14 2019

Deadline for applications: July, 1 2019

Deadline for applying for a visa: 30 days before school starting

School languages: Russian and English

The program includes: training, transfer, visa and tutor support, accommodation, excursion program (does not include medical insurance and meals)

Cost for foreign citizens: 500 USD

Cost for Russian citizens: 28,000 rubles.

The cost of the program including food:

– for foreign citizens – 600 USD;

– for Russian citizens – 35,000 rubles.

Educational program:

Lectures and seminars:

* The Sun is our main star;

* Solar System;

* Evolution of stars;

* Galaxy is our star house;

* Diversity of galaxies;

* What does the Universe consist of?;

* Tools and methods for optical observations.astro4

Cognitive program:

Workshops and workshops:

* Master class on setting up and controlling optical telescopes;

* Conduct astronomical observations using optical telescopes;

* Festival “Pushchinskie Perseidy” based on the Pushchino Astronomical Observatory.

* Round table with the participation of the cosmonaut of Russia

Cultural and educational program:

Thematic exhibitions and excursions (optional):

* Moscow the Hero City:

Red Square, Sparrow Hills, Tsaritsyno Park, VDNKh - Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy; Moscow Planetarium or Marsh Tefo Interactorium

* Zhukovsky City:

Zhukovsky Museum of the History of the Conquest of the Sky or

* Korolev City:

State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky

The contact person:

Head of the Center for Training Foreign Citizens of PushGENI

Kuryanova Natalia Alexandrovna

Phone: 8 (496) 773 26 79

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram:

+7 (977) 293 68 67


Description of the program:

The unique short-term program for the children of school age and their parents wishing to get acquainted with the history of the Russian ballet with visit of St. Petersburg – the homeland of the Russian ballet and also to get acquainted with culture and the history of Russia.

Location of event: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Serpuhov, Pushino-Naukograd.

School period:  from June 15 to August 28, 2019 (every two weeks)

Cost: an adult - $ 1300; children (up to 9 years) - $ 1100.

In cost it is included: accommodation; food (half board / full board); transfer; excursion program; trip to St. Petersburg;  visit of a ballet performance.

Education program:

* History of the Russian ballet; 
* History of Russia; 
* Russian culture and traditions; 
* The Russian holidays (on the example of a holiday Ivan Kupala).

Entertainment program: 
Entertaining actions:
* Thematic games;
* A master class at ballet school;
* Visit of a ballet performance.

Cultural and informative program:
Thematic excursions:
- city of Moscow: 
Red Square, Vorobiev Park, Park of Culture, VDNH -exhibition of achievements of the national  economy;

city of St. Petersburg:

* Museum of Vaganova Ballet Academy. The museum in the Leningrad choreographic school of A.Ya. Vaganova;

*The St. Petersburg state  museum of theatrical and musical art. Sources and development of Russian theater; 

* Exhibition: Stars of the Russian ballet.

city of Serpukhov 

* architecture and monasteries.